Mail Call Monday!

This week has seen some exciting new arrivals at Comic Dayz HQ. Today was no exception!

Batman: Three Jokers

First up, the package I’ve been awaiting anxiously. The 3 book set of Batman: Three Jokers. These covers are absolutely gorgeous! If you haven’t already guessed, the Joker is my absolute favourite character in the DC universe.


The other package that arrived today was a bit of an impulse buy a couple of weeks ago after reading a terrific review in a comic shop bulletin. Maria Llovet’s Porcelain. A 5 issue story which sounds fascinating. Can’t wait to read it!

Better pics and in-depth reviews of all of the above – plus many more – coming soon. Stay tuned!

Until next time, guys…

Mail Call Monday!

Isn’t it great to start the week with a bunch of comic-laden parcels delivered to your door!

I love it! And some pretty exciting stuff, which I’ll be sharing with you all in upcoming posts, turned up in this batch. Here’s a peek…
A bit more Scooby Apocalypse for the collection, including the TPB edition vol. 3 (for reading!). Knights of the Old Republic #4 makes its long awaited appearance. Love KOTOR? I’ve got you covered! I’ll be doing a whole host of feature posts for this series. So stay tuned! Also lurking in the batch are a couple of Batman Detective Comics for the collection! The Detective Comics series will feature heavily in this blog over time. Very exciting!
I also grabbed some silver age boards to fit the bags I got recently. And damn, boards are harder to find than a sailboat in a 3d picture at present!
That’s enough rambling for today. What are some of your most recent buys? Leave a comment below!
Until tomorrow…