Hi all!

Welcome to my new comic collecting blog. My name is Matt and I have only recently been bitten by the comic collecting bug. To date I have only dipped my toe into the comic universe, and I love it! 

In this blog I am planning to share my comic collecting adventures and other comic related experiences. My plan is to run this blog in conjunction with my YouTube channel, which I hope to launch very soon.

Since I was a teenager I’ve been keen on the idea of immersing myself into the fascinating hobby of comics. I’ve tried to give it a go a few times, but life always got in the way, and truthfully, my keenness wasn’t really shared by those with whom I lived. When I get into something, I tend to go the whole hog. Over the last year my life has changed quite dramatically. The tremendous plus side to this is that I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity to go “the whole hog”. So that’s what I’m gunna do. I’m gunna collect. I’m gunna read. And I’m gunna share!! 

I live in a very rural area and I don’t have a lot of physical mobility, so getting out into the community presents quite the challenge. But in this day and age with the wonders of the web at my disposal I thought, why not use it for my collecting community? Anywho, that’s pretty much the deal.