Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone! Time to pull out the Star Wars saga, grab some popcorn, and shout “May the Fourth be with you!”

This year Star Wars Day heralds the beginning of an awesome month of treats for fans. On 27 May the long-awaited and highly anticipated (for me, at least), TV series Obi-Wan premieres on Disney+. Ewan McGregor reprises his role of Kenobi, which will be epic to say the least. The show was originally scheduled for release on 25 May to coincide with the release date of the original Star Wars: A New Hope way back in 1977, but the date was pushed back a couple of days. Bit of a bummer. Would’ve been a nice homage to the original. If that’s not exciting enough, though, apparently we get a double dose on 27 May with the first two episodes being made available to stream!

But hold onto your seats! Before all that yummy screen goodness drops, we have the release of the new comic series Obi-Wan in just three days! That’s right! On the 7 May we get to the first in a series of Kenobi adventures in comic book form (in Australia, anyway)!

Standard Cover

From what I’ve heard, these stories are narrated by an aging Obi-Wan (probably not long before the events of A New Hope). We follow Obi-Wan as he reflects on his past adventures, some even going right back to his childhood. I’m beyond pumped to see how his story plays out!

Gist Variant Cover

As one would expect, Issue #1 will be released with several different covers. So far I’ve found four. I’m sure there’s probably more! As for my humble self, I’m sticking with just the two covers shown above. That’ll do me! Variant covers can get quite overwhelming to try to collect!

May the fourth be with you, guys!!

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